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Why woolen clothes are our favourites…


It’s cold outside now, winter has come. The perfect season to stay inside, cuddle up at home, light some candles, read books and drink tea.


Even though we love woolen clothes and knits in every season (even in summer our kids wear woolen jumpers to keep warm on colder evenings), they are an absolute must-have during winter in our home! Inside or out, the kids love to wear them as much as I love them to do so. Some reasons why I think woolen clothes are a good choice:

Wool is a natural fabric. It contains no synthetic chemicals.

Wool can warm and cool. Wool dynamically responds to the environment and helps regulate temperatures.

Wool breathes. It can absorb water from the body and release it into the air.

Wool cleans itself. That means less washing!

Wool is water-repellent!


Over the years, I’ve seen quite a few different woolen clothes for kids, and can truly tell you that this cardigan from Petit Kolibri is one of my favorites! It’s made of 100 % Peruvian alpaca yarn and is undyed. It’s so soft and cozy and the shape is minimal, simple and pure and just super sweet! And the beautiful coconut buttons can even been opened and closed by little hands. It’s been worn a lot already and I’m sure that the next child will love it as well! Because you can see and feel that this cardigan is made with love and attention to detail and will last for a long time!


If you want to know a bit more about Petit Kolibri, check out their ManyMiniThings feature site and read the Petit Kolibri – ‘Behind the scenes’ – Interview!

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