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TriedAndTrue – Littl by Lilit


After six weeks of summer holiday, we are slowly getting back into the normal rhythm of school and kindergarten life. And that’s not very easy as we had such a lovely time. The first three weeks we spent in southern France, camping at a beautiful and wild place right by the river Tarn, enjoying the freedom, slow living, simplicity and family time – doing what we love most: being outdoors together! After coming back home, we enjoyed every single day and the perfect weather with lots of picnics, swims, barbeques, meeting friends and river walks!

For one of those walks, the kids were wearing outfits by Littl by Lilit. We have had dresses for the girls from Littl by Lilit before and have always loved them. And it was the same this time:


They are all made from 100% cotton or 100% organic cotton. The garments are fair trade and woodblock printed by hand in India. All further production steps are made in Germany. They are light and soft and we love the natural fabrics and lovely silhouettes. The dresses as well as the t-shirt look classic with some beautiful details. And – something we always like – they will fit each child for a long time due to the adjustable straps and loose fit.


The kids loved wearing them and were running around, moving and playing all the time. This river walk on one of the last summer days truly was a beautiful one!

You can find some more about Littl by Lilit on their ManyMiniThings feature site and in our behind the scenes interview.

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