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City tips – Paris


Emilie is a stylist and photographer – mainly working for lifestyle and kid’s brands – and a mum to three kids, 2 girls and a boy. They live in Paris in the 6th arrondissement, near the Luxembourg Gardens, in an old building with a great view on the gardens. For them as a big family it’s the perfect area to life. We are so happy that Emilie is sharing some of her Paris tips with us…

With kids, we love going to family friendly places (there aren’t many in Paris indeed) such as The Coffee Club, our favorite: homemade burgers, fish and chips for kids, …but also healthy juices and salads for grown-ups ;) A perfect mix!
When we’re alone, we love Café Trama, a delicious gastronomic bistro!

I love Parisian cafés, so I’m lucky because there are many in Paris! For a lunch, I love going to La Cantine du Jardinier in Merci concept store  in the 3rd, and at Mokonuts Bakery They both make fresh and well-balanced meals in a cozy atmosphere.
For a healthy meal and a fresh juice, I love Maisie Café in the 1st arrondissement: both fresh and delicious!
Le Café de Flore and its old fashion atmosphere is also one of my favourite: despites lots of tourists, it remains authentic! They have the best hot chocolate in Paris!

Ice cream
For an original and refined ice cream, I love Il Gelato del Marchese: a baroque design and great ice-creams, such as the basil sorbet…

Going out
When we go out at night, we love having a drink at Le Hibou: great cocktails, good food and a very cozy atmosphere. We love going there during Autumn and Winter days above all.

The kids love playing in the Luxembourg Gardens:  ponys, playgrounds, jigsaw… and many kiosks selling balloons, French pancakes and waffles… Our favorite place!

For the kids, I love Bonton and Louis Louise Paris. Both are retro and stylish, easy-to-wear for everyday life.
I personally love shopping at Merci concept store : they have casual chic brands I love. I also love shopping at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche where you can find many young designers.

To spend time outdoor, we love going to the Parc de Sceaux on Sunday afternoons: huge, green, with different places (playgrounds, woods, grass…). If we have more time, we enjoy hiking in the Fontainebleau woods (¾ hours from Paris): the nature is very beautiful!

We love going to Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Cotemporain where there are very interesting exhibitions most of the time. Both kids and parents enjoy it!

We also enjoy going to the theatre with the kids: le Lucernaire theatre and La Comédie Saint-Michel always have a great program.

When we’re without the kids, we love many theatre, such as La Gaîté Montparnasse, le Théatre de l’Atelier or le Théatre de la Madeleine.

Favorite place
It’s hard to choose because I love Paris! But I enjoy wandering through Le Haut Marais streets (the 3rd arrondissement): great coffee shops and bakeries, art galleries…

Insider tips
When you have toddlers avoid using the metro, prefer talking the bus, because the metro is not well-equipped with lifts nor escalators.

Thank you so much for all the great Paris tips dear Emilie!

If you’d like to see more of Emilies life and work you for sure should visit her beautiful Instagram feed  and her website

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