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Behind the scenes – Rabbit & Sons


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Rabbit & Sons is a little label that creates the most beautiful items for kid’s rooms. Outi – the owner, designer and creator – has Finnish origins and so the design always has a very beautiful and typical Finnish touch. We had a closer look behind the scenes of Rabbit & Sons and asked Outi some questions.
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Dear Outi, please tell us who you are and what you do.
I am the owner and designer of Rabbit & Sons- Finnish interior accessories brand for the little folk.

What did you do before you became self-employed?
I was an Apparel and Accessories Designer, which is what I have my formal education in. I worked for brands such as Y-3, Adidas by Stella McCartney and Timberland, and had the opportunity to gain international experience across their offices in Nürnberg, Tokyo and London.


How did the founding of your label come about?
I had just had our first child Aapo in mid 2015 when it quickly became obvious that I could no longer balance long working hours and travel with the little fella, especially with the extortionate childcare cost in England. So I had to figure out another way to be creative and work around the hours Aapo was awake. I had already made some decorations for his room whilst pregnant, and although they were not perfect, the idea grew from that and eventually I set up Rabbit & Sons.


Design, production, sales – do you do it all alone, or do you have support?
Majority of the work I do myself such as design and day to day running of things. We are such a small startup, that I can only pay in cups of tea and biscuits. But I have had some great help from my husband and friends in terms of setting up the e-shop and running a business. And my father back in Finland helps me to source materials like the Finnish Pine used in our Mobiles. Also, I have a really fab English print studio that prints all of our original designs, so I definitely feel supported.

What do you pay attention to in the materials you use?
For me, the key is that the materials we use are as natural as possible in their look and feel. I have no desire to contribute to the plastic mountain of children’s products. I want our products to be special in every way, and to achieve that, it is incredibly important that every component in packaging to the actual item are considered and thought through.


How important is sustainability to you, personally and for your label?
Personally, I understand the appeal of cheap, mass-produced products as they are easily accessible and support the ever changing trends, but I try to avoid giving into it as much as possible. And having a child, has definitely made a big difference in the decisions I make. For Rabbit & Sons, choosing to use sustainable ingredients has been at the core of the material choices. In packaging, our tissue paper and boxes are made from recycled materials, and the paper used in our print designs is 100% recycled ECO paper, not to mention the leather rabbit ears which are made from off cuts. So we absolutely take great pride in using sustainable and natural materials.

What was the biggest challenge on the way to becoming self-employed?
Setting everything up from zero, establishing a structure and time-table that works. Which is something that I am still working on and constantly adapt around the little man. And of course, there is the lack of steady income.


What is the best thing about being self-employed?
Being able to work from home in flexible hours.

Where do you want your label to be in five years?
I would love for us to have established ourselves a small brand that is available from quirky, independent retailers as well as have grown our own e-shop customer base. This first 6-8 months has been all about finding what works and what doesn’t, and now I hope to focus on spreading the word about Rabbit & Sons.

When you look back on your work and life in 20 years, which memories do you think will be strongest?
I don’t think there is anything that can compete with having your first child, personally or professionally. But I hope to look back with the feeling that I have made a success being a small business owner, and created designs that people want to have in their little one’s rooms.


Thank you Outi for this wonderful interview and the glimpses behind the scenes of Rabbit Sons!

Until the 12th of September 2016 you can get a 20% discount by using the CODE MANYMINI20 ! So hop over to Rabbit & Sons online shop and have a look through Outi’s beautiful products!

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